Forms (for Individuals)

Earned Income Tax
Individual EIT return for Tax Years 2019 – 2015 (fillable)

Individual EIT Return for Tax Years 2014 and prior (fillable)

INSTRUCTIONS – Individual Taxpayer Annual Return

Member-EIT-Rates-PSD Codes

Which wage figure should I use from my W-2?

Penalty and Interest Calculator (Excel spreadsheet) P & I Calculator

Act 205 Tax Liability Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) Act 205 Calculator

Individual Estimated Quarterly Payment Coupons – fillable
INSTRUCTIONS – Individual Estimated Quarterly Payment Coupon  1st Quarter Estimated Payment Coupon (due April 30)2nd Quarter Estimated Payment Coupon (due July 30)

3rd Quarter Estimated Payment Coupon (due October 30)

4th Quarter Estimated Payment Coupon (due January 30)

File your Quarterly Estimated Payments via PALite Online Filing Systemclick here

Cost of Collection Fee Schedule (adopted by municipal ordinance)
One-Time-Only Installment Plans for Delinquent Amounts
Request for Hardship Payment Plan
Administrative Appeal Petition
Schedule X Calculator – Excel
Mailing Addresses



Local Services Tax
If you are working in an area that levies the tax at a rate higher than $10.00 and will earn less than $12,000 please complete the exoneration form below. Please keep a copy for your records and provide the original to your employer. Failure to complete the form will result in the tax being deducted by your employer.

Local Services Tax (LST) – Exemption Certificate

Member LST Rates

If you are entitled to a refund of local services tax please complete the form below and return to our office.

Local Services Tax (LST) – Refund Application


Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Taxpayer Bill Of Rights
YATB Appeal Petition (ACT 32)